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Depot position

CB - So far Depot Position has a different meaning. It describes the balance of power futures (i.e. binding power production or consumption guarantees for a future timeslot) a particular broker bought or sold for a particular timeslot. A depot position contains both, the last change as well as the running balance. Example:

List of DepotPositions as recorded by the accounting service

Broker Timeslot Product Reason Origin DepotChange Balance
Broker 1 06:00 - 07:00 Future Execution of order y Buy Order 100 100
Broker 1 06:00-07:00 Future Ex-Post Balancing Power Distribution Utility ./.20


JEC - I don't entirely understand this. First, this looks like a sequence of transactions, not a position. Also, how can Ex-Post Balancing Power be for a Future timeslot? I suggest we call the rows of this table Market Transactions, and the net import/export commitment for a given timeslot a Market Position.