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Welcome to Power TAC

This space is for participants in the Power TAC competitive simulation. Here we can develop and discuss the overall simulation scenario design, game and tournament structures, building broker agents, and analyzing simulation data.


Please feel free to add material to existing pages, create new pages, and add your comments in the discussion pages. If you are interested in joining the development team, please see the developer's forum, and the primary development site at github.

Power TAC papers:

Note that there are many more papers at

Getting Started

Instructions for installing the Power TAC server, and for building a broker agent.

Repository of broker agents

Share your broker with other researchers (either source or binary), download competing brokers for your research.

Game Design

See the formal Power TAC game specification for full details on the 2016 competition.
The linked page is for discussion and development of the details of the game design, as well as the research issues that need to be addressed by the game and its community.

Release History

Download links for the code, along with the release history of the simulation server and other components of the Power TAC technical environment.

Power TAC Architecture

Top-level architecture, documentation and Project Glossary.


Access to data, tools, etc.
  • Javadocs will be posted soon for the Power TAC simulation server and for the Sample Broker. Both include the common domain model.
    These are updated within an hour whenever a change is made. Currently this javadoc is for the current development master, not for any particular release.
  • There is considerable detail on the design of the simulation server and other elements of the Power TAC architecture on the Power TAC github wiki.
  • Once you have watched games on the visualizer a few times, the best way to gain a detailed understanding of how the simulation works is to analyze the logfiles.


Tools for accessing and analyzing game data


Discussion of analysis needs, and results of analyses.

Background Reading

Links to papers and other resources to get up to speed in the energy trading domain. Papers relating specifically to Power TAC are available on the Publications page at

Past Tournaments

A discussion of past tournaments.
As part of the Powertac specifications, participants are strongly encouraged to share their broker implementation after tournaments.:
The used brokers can be found there as well.

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