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2013 Finals

The finals of 2013 were held July 8-11 (qualification rounds) and July 15-16 (finals), during the AAAI-13.
Trial tournaments were held in March (18-22), April (23-26), and May (28-31).

Winner was the TacTex of the Learning Agents Research Group (LARG) of the University of Texas.
Runners up were :
- cwiBroker of the Intelligent Systems Research Group at CWI Amsterdam.
- MLLBroker of the Machine Learning Lab of the University of Freiburg.


Although the broker of the Learning Agents Research Group at Erasmus (LARGE) didn't compete in the finals, it participated in all the trials.
The binary can be found here.

Uploading broker binaries

Participants can upload their broker (including documentation) packaged in a GZ archive.
On Windows the 7-Zip package and on OS X / Linux the tar command can be used to create the archive.

Create a folder with the name YourBrokerName_2013.
Put all the necessary files in the folder, i.e. binary, properties file (don't forget to remove your token) and a README how to run your binary.
Creating a executable jar for brokers based on the sample broker : how-to.
GZip the folder and upload the archive via this link (for uploading an account is necessary).

After uploading, edit this page with the link to your archive.