Power TAC 2017

After 5 successful tournament rounds, we look forward to hosting Power TAC 2017 this spring and summer!

2017 Game Specification

The Power TAC 2017 game specification was released on February 13, 2017.

Changes for 2017 are focused on a more realistic wholesale market, reducing the market power of brokers by making the simulation scenario into a relatively small part of a larger market, and are highlighted by change bars in the margins. See Section 5.3 for details.

Competition Schedule

The competition schedule will be as follows:

Trial 1 : March 27 - 31
Trial 2 : April 18 - 25
Qualifying : May 15 - 19
Final: June 12 - 21


The full results can be found in the Power TAC 2017 Finals page.
A machine-readable version can be found in the CSV file, including a DOI per game.
Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all the participants! We hope to have another great tournament next year.

Winners will be awarded at the Erasmus Energy Forum 2017 on June 28.

Feel free to contact us through the Power TAC Developers Nabble list with any suggestions and comments!

Mohammad Ansarin